Our mission at Village Green Elementary School, in cooperation with the parents and the community, is to prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally in a positive and safe learning environment. We strive to provide them with the knowledge and necessary skills to think critically and make wise decisions in a multicultural world. Our aim is to empower them to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. With our mission always in the forefront, Village Green Elementary School has achieved outstanding recognition in the Governor's A+ Plus Plan. For more than ten consecutive years our educational institution has earned the grade of A. Village Green Elementary School has also received the Florida Recognition Award and qualified among top 20 schools in the State of Florida.

Village Green Elementary School is privileged to have served our community for 50 years, and we are dedicated to continue this service into the new millennium, guiding our students on their mission to academic excellence. This is our commitment to each child entrusted to us.




Village Green Elementary School is a mandatory uniform school.  All students are expected to wear their uniforms each and every day.  For both boys and girls, shirts are to be tucked in and a belt is to be worn if the piece of clothing has belt loops.  All students are to wear closed shoes, preferably tennis shoes.  No sandals or shoes with platforms are allowed.  Bookbags must  be backpacks, not rolling bookbags .  Parents' cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.

  •  Pants or Shorts:  Must be uniform style in hunter green or khaki .  No cargo or carpenter pants or shorts.  No jeans are allowed.
  • Shirts:  Must be hunter green or white and worn with the school emblem (available at Ibiley School Uniforms).
  • Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts or jumper dresses: Must be uniform style in hunter green, khaki or plaid #15 (available at Ibiley School Uniforms). No cargo, carpenter or capri pants or shorts. No jeans, are allowed.
  • Shirts: Must be hunter green or white and worn with the school emblem (available at Ibiley School Uniforms).
Winter Wear
All students are allowed to wear sweat pants and sweaters in the hunter green or khaki colors. Girls may wear hunter green, khaki or white leotards under their uniforms.


Listed below are the programs and payment schedule. Payments are made on a monthly basis and before services are rendered.

Before School Care
7:00 am to
8:15 am
per day
Story Hour
(Now 5 days a week)
1 :50 pm to
3:05 pm
per day
After School Care
1 :50 pm to
6:00 pm
per day
Insurance of $16.00 is required!!!
Please see Gisselle or Hilda after 1:30 pm to register for
Before or After School Care.
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